The story of Laqua by the Sea: an ever-evolving house

dettagli camere laqua by the sea sul golfo di sorrento

The beginnings of the charming Cannavacciuolo family home on the Gulf of Sorrento, from its beginnings to its most recent restyling

laqua by the sea's room in meta di sorrento
Ph: Carlo Oriente

Laqua Charme & Boutique: the story of the Collection begins here

Many are unaware but the captivating journey of Laqua by the Sea traces its roots back to the inception of Laqua Charme & Boutique in 2012.With its innate focus on personal well-being and the enchanting allure of sea-facing terraces, this initial incarnation laid the foundation for a cherished coastal retreat. Laqua by the Sea has undergone a subtle evolution..

Like a timeless jewel nestled within the rugged cliffs of the Sorrento peninsula, it has been lovingly polished by the gentle caress of the wind and the pristine waters of the Gulf.

The design of its rooms, furnishings, and colours have evolved to embrace contemporary sensibilities while retaining the essence of coastal romance. Its commitment to guest well-being extends beyond aesthetics. The wellness area offers indulgent services and a rich programme of experiences carefully crafted to elevate every stay.


details of the room of laqua by the sea
Ph: Carlo Oriente

The power of Feng Shui

At the heart of the inaugural Cannavacciuolo-designed structure in Campania lies a profound connection to the ancient art of Chinese Feng-Shui.This centuries-old practice, rooted in the delicate interplay between wind and water, finds its perfect embodiment in the breathtaking landscapes of this enchanting corner of Italy. Every facet of Laqua Charme & Boutique reflects the meticulous application of Feng-Shui principles, guiding the creation of spaces that exude harmony and radiate positive energy.

. From the strategic placement of lights to the meticulous furniture arrangement, each detail has been thoughtfully curated to cultivate an atmosphere of serenity and balance.

This project was the brainchild of Cinzia Primatesta, who has always been fond of oriental philosophies and enthusiastic about bringing her beliefs of wellness and expertise to the Cannavacciuolo Group properties.

panoramic view from laqua by the sea

Laqua by the Sea: the launch of a collection

In 2021, Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo embarked on a journey to share their unique vision of hospitality across Italy, creating a new collection of destinations.

Inspired by their profound connection to water, they infused this essence into the very fabric of their establishments. From the serene shores of Lake Orta in Piedmont to the rolling hills of Ticciano in Campania, Laqua by the Lake and Laqua Countryside emerged.

The idea of creating a collection entailed a name change: Laqua by the Sea officially became part of the Laqua Collection, to be joined by Laqua Vineyard in Tuscany a year later.

wellness area of laqua by the sea

The bond with the territory

The Wellness Suite at Laqua by the Sea has undergone a transformative upgrade, catering to the diverse needs of all guests. Whether seeking a moment of pure relaxation or a comprehensive skin and body rejuvenation, our array of services has it all. Guests can immerse themselves in treatments curated to harness the healing properties of coral, shells, and locally sourced essential oils, mirroring the natural riches of our coastal landscape.

But our connection to the land doesn’t stop there; it’s woven into the very fabric of our hospitality philosophy.

Step onto the terrace of one of our rooms and behold breathtaking views while indulging on breakfast or an aperitif featuring fresh, flavorful local delights that speak of the vibrant flavours of Campania.

Arrive with a special welcome, limoncello and babà from Chef Cannavacciuolo’s pastry atelier. But the adventure doesn’t end there.

Dive deeper into the soul of our region with experiences that will leave an indelible mark. Take a private tour along the majestic Amalfi Coast, set sail to uncover the secrets of Capri, or venture into local wineries and lemon orchards, where you’ll meet the passionate professionals who make our Country genuinely magical.

details of the room on the gulf of sorrento
Ph: Carlo Oriente

A restyling evoking the sea

2024 marks another exciting chapter in the evolution of Laqua by the Sea, as it undergoes a meticulous restyling to unlock the full potential of its stunning sea-view rooms. Architect Valentina Autieroleads the change, drawing inspirationfrom the mesmerising marine landscape. Through her masterful use of shapes and colours reminiscent of waves kissed by the sunset breeze, spaces are transformed with dyed travertine hues of red.

From elegant headboards to intricate bathroom details, guests are immersed in an sea-inspired ambience.

At Laqua by the Sea, every element tells a story of ongoing evolution aimed at improving the experience and unveiling a slice of temporary paradise.

LAQUA Collection
The Resorts of the Collection

A luxury hospitality collection that embrace North and South Italy. New intimate points of reference for hospitality dedicated to our guests, to allow them to regain time, size and mental and physical balance.

A collection of resorts that embrace North and South Italy. New intimate points of reference for hospitality dedicated to our guests, to allow them to regain time, size and mental and physical balance.

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