Your vacation getaway from Sorrento to Amalfi

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Summer in Vico Equense at the home of a multi-starred Chef

Nestled in the Sorrento Peninsula, amidst various hotels and resorts, is a delightful and cozy abode that stands out. It overlooks the lush green hills of Vico Equense in the hamlet of Ticciano.

Laqua Countryside, the family home of Chef Cannavacciuolo, exudes prestige and design, making it an ideal choice for an unforgettable stay in Campania. The resort has six rooms, each with a unique personality, an outstanding Michelin 1-star restaurant, and an outdoor pool for relaxing moments with loved ones.

Surrounded by nature, this is the perfect place to begin your vacation. Laqua Countryside serves as your base for carefree afternoons by the sea, sightseeing along the Amalfi Coast, the beauty of Sorrento, wine tastings a stone’s throw away from Mt. Vesuvius and breathtaking boat tours to the Faraglioni of Capri..

In the kitchen with the Chef

Your first memory of your summer on the Sorrento Peninsula will take place at Laqua Countryside, specifically in the kitchen of the Michelin 1-star Cannavacciuolo restaurant.

Enjoy a delicious gourmet breakfast before Executive Chef Nicola Somma takes you on a tour of the 1,000-square-meter kitchen garden, where the kitchen brigade grows vegetables and herbs for their dishes. This garden symbolizes their love for the environment.

You’ll have the opportunity to step into the kitchen with the chef and learn how to prepare extraordinary dishes using the garden’s freshly harvested ingredients.

But you won’t just watch – you’ll also taste the dishes made by the brigade while enjoying a glass of wine selected by Sommelier Antonio Indovino. This remarkable journey is about both learning and savoring.

Panoramic aperitif in Positano

Credits: Franco Trekking Positano

Sunsets on the Sorrento Coast are an incomparable spectacle. Just minutes from Laqua Countryside is a breathtaking scenic paradise stretching between the dome of Positano’s Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, the famous Marina Grande beach, and the Li Galli archipelago.

Enjoy a panoramic aperitif while gazing at Positano’s vibrant colored houses and the vastness of the sea. This experience is the perfect way to end your summer in Campania and create unforgettable memories. Just let the magic and scents of Southern Italy transport you.

On the slopes of Vesuvius

Vesuvius symbolizes the soul of Naples and is a must-see stop on a private chauffeured tour from Laqua Countryside to its slopes. The tour includes visiting one of the area’s most famous wineries, wine tasting, and lunch with stunning views of the volcano and surrounding vineyards.

For a chance to experience the sunny and lively atmosphere of the region,

you can embark on a special tour of the Amalfi Coast, camera in hand, to capture the best memories of your summer in Campania.

Summer overlooking Capri

Your summer adventure starts inland near Sorrento with Chef Cannavacciuolo and concludes along the Amalfi Coast and Naples. A must-visit destination is the Faraglioni of Capri, a timeless last stop.

Laqua Countryside will assist you in arranging a romantic boat tour to explore the crystal-clear sea and discover the Capri’s Blue Grotto. Afterwards, take a romantic stroll in the iconic Piazzetta at sunset. You can simply relax and enjoy the pleasure of la Dolce Vita.

LAQUA Collection
The Resorts of the Collection

A luxury hospitality collection that embrace North and South Italy. New intimate points of reference for hospitality dedicated to our guests, to allow them to regain time, size and mental and physical balance.

A collection of resorts that embrace North and South Italy. New intimate points of reference for hospitality dedicated to our guests, to allow them to regain time, size and mental and physical balance.

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